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Day 3: $70 off Takara LG43 plus more #TFSOURCECAW



We are halfway through the TFSource Customer Appreciation Week and Day 3 is loaded with major deals! Save BIG $70 off Takara LG43, plus TLK Hasbro HUGE Blowout Sale. While supplies last.


Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for how to enter the Last Knight Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet Giveaway!Deal:

We are halfway through the TFSource Customer Appreciation Week and Day 3 is loaded with major deals! Save BIG $70 off Takara LG43, plus TLK Hasbro HUGE Blowout Sale. While supplies last.


Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for how to enter the Last Knight Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet Giveaway!  

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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

TF Robots In stock now @
- KFC Transistor Pure Red [Reissue]
- Iron Factory IF-EX18 Lordscorpion
- Perfect Effect PC-24 Upgrade POTP Abominus
- MS-Toys MS-B01 Architect
- MS-Toys MS-B02 Fire Extinguisher
- Mech Fans Toys MF-34I Iron Sentinel
- GCreation GDW-03 Fuuma
- BB7 Yes Model YM-15 Helicopter + YM-16 Ambulance
- DNA DESIGN DK-02M Movable Hand Kits for Metroplex
- DNA DESIGN DK-02 Upgrade Kit for Fortress Maximus
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37228319_1832592320121866_6569387005921198080_n 39146092_1832588490122249_3229613594668695552_n 39151751_1832590996788665_8312868704161366016_n 39193609_1832593920121706_4627786506495328256_n 39196816_1832593886788376_7922885398806659072_n 39200685_1832591620121936_149824496692363264_n 39221311_1832593036788461_129306312637939712_n 39257782_1832594586788306_5893787499209162752_n 39270448_1832589880122110_4341874192912744448_n 39274524_1832588933455538_7464623151511502848_n

Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

Behold!!! MINTY-CRON! Takara Tomy have added a really cool 360 degree video of the upcoming Encore release here -…/tf_encore/encore_yc

Pre-orders are limited and still available -


TFSource Customer Appreciation Day 2! 70% off Quantron set!


Day 2 of TFSource Customer Appreciation Week


Save 70% on Maketoys Quantron Set of 5! Only $129.99 while supplies last!


We’ve teamed up with Peaugh & Maketoys to giveaway an original sample of Maketoys - MTCD04 - Divine Shooter.

Here’s how to enter.

Head to Peaugh's YouTube Channel


1. Subscribe to Peaugh's YouTube Channel

2. Comment on Peaugh's Maketoys - MTCD04 - Divine Shooter review using #TFSOURCECAW

One winner will be chosen and contacted by Peaugh.

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C.O.N.S. X - Das Programm

C.O.N.S. Das Programm:

10:30 Uhr - Einlass der Cosplay Teilnehmer
11:00 Uhr - Allgemeiner Einlass
11:15 Uhr - Offizielle Begrüßung
11:30 Uhr - Cosplayer Modenshow auf der Bühne
12:00 Uhr - Chaozrael´s Cosplay Workshop
12:30 Uhr - IDW Artists John-Paul Bove & Jack Lawrence Pressentation & Interview
13:30 Uhr - Teutonicons Podcast Live auf der C.O.N.S.
14:00 Uhr - 1. Tombola
15:00 Uhr - Live Review mit Reyjin auf der Bühne
16:00 Uhr - Transformers Quiz Abgabe!
16:15 Uhr - Ende der Abstimmung für den Cosplay Contest!
16:45 Uhr - Bekanntgabe der Contest Gewinner
17:00 Uhr - 2. Tombola & Hauptpreis Verlosung
18:00 Uhr - Verabschiedung

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IDW TPB Transformers Lost Light Volume 3

TF-Comics Hier ist die Vorschau zum IDW TPB Transformers Lost Light Volume 3.

Crammed into a dead Decepticon astropod that's 10 sizes too small, the displaced crew of the Lost Light faces their most serious threat yet: each other. No worries though, Rodimus can save the day! Or maybe they’ll all die... Plus, the Scavengers have never had it so good. The war is a receding memory, their patchy service records have been forgotten, and the five of them can roam the galaxy as they please. All's well that ends well? Not quite. Collects issues #13–18.

1534250830-l1 1534250830-l2 1534250830-l3 1534250830-l4 1534250830-l5 1534250830-l6 1534250831-l7 1534250831-l8

Quelle: IDW

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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

TF Robots Dr. wu upgrades up for pre order @

39024174_1828543060526792_4182888011286970368_n 39043767_1828543420526756_7984902716516204544_n 39065069_1828543240526774_7923333402550337536_n 39083450_1828543593860072_7176357891635412992_n

TFSource Customer Appreciation Week is back! Daily Sales & Giveaways!


One of our favorite ways to show our customers some love is back! Customer Appreciation Week starts today! We have a fun week of events planned, so be sure to stay tuned each day for daily sales and giveaways!


We’re kicking off  Day 1 with MPM-5 Barricade for only $69.99 and MP-08X King Grimlock for $129.99 PLUS we are giving away a MP-10 Convoy Golden Lagoon!  


Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for how to enter the MP-10 Convoy Golden Lagoon Giveaway!


Celebrate with us here:

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Transformers Studio Serie SS18 Deluxe Volkswagen Beetle Bumblebee

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir ein Video vom Transformers Studio Serie SS18 Deluxe Volkswagen Beetle Bumblebee.

Quelle: ToyFactory

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Transformers Bumblebee Movie - Cybertron Aufnahmen

TF-Real Movies Der Director vom Transformers Bumblebee Movie, Travis Knight, hat einige Spoiler zum kommenden Movie bekannt gegeben. So soll alles auf Cybertron beginnen. In einem Artikel auf Discussing Film hat er noch weitere Spoiler beschrieben.


We can confirm that the film will open on Cybertron and will be briefly visited later again. Fans of Transformer’s “Generation 1” will be pleased for the film will showcase many iconic autobots and decepticons- all which sport designs identical to their 1980s cartoon counterparts.

Yes, Bumblebee will represent G1 very well with the film being set in 1986. The transformers on Cybertron will not only look the way they did in the 80s but will also be seen transforming into stylish cybertronian vehicles.

So, what iconic transformers can you expect to see in ‘Bumblebee’? Fans will have a fun time scanning the battlefields on Cybertron for many instantly recognizable characters. Three that stand out in the film are Soundwave, Shockwave, and Cliffjumper. Note that these are only brief cameos and most of them are not speaking roles. Blitzwing, Dropkick, and Shatter are the only decepticon key players in the film. Optimus Prime (once again voiced by Peter Cullen) has a role larger than a brief cameo, but do not expect to see him engage in any action on earth. One should expect his classic 80s design to look just as good as they imagined it to be.


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