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Transformers Shadows Rising Arcade Game

TF-Real Movies Von SEGA kommt in Verbindung mit dem Bumblebee Movie das Transformers Shadows Rising Arcade Game heraus. Dazu haben wir hier die Pressemitteilung.


SEGA unveiled its latest action adventure game TRANSFORMERS Shadows Rising at Amusements Expo International. There was huge buzz and excitement as keen visitors queued to experience the epic new game TRANSFORMERS Shadows Rising and SEGA’s other latest, high earning games.

TRANSFORMERS Shadows Rising is the long-awaited follow up to the smash hit licenced video game TRANSFORMERS Human Alliance and features iconic locations from all over the world. SEGA’s CEO Paul Williams says, “We are very proud to be working with Hasbro on TRANSFORMERS Shadows Rising. The blockbuster TRANSFORMERS films have been a hit with fans around the globe, making this iconic brand a worldwide phenomenon. With the new BUMBLEBEE movie debuting this holiday season, we think Amusements Expo International was the ideal time to launch TRANSFORMERS Shadow Rising so operators can have the game in time for the film release.”

This latest title features a sensational cabinet, which is based on the truck vehicle mode of the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime. With gorgeous chrome exhausts, big grill and lifelike Optimus Prime head it is designed to stand out in any location.

The game has 4 levels all displayed on a 55” monitor. As well as the fixed controllers, players can use the brand new ‘Hyperenergy Tech’ lever to either tactically destroy multiple enemies at once or defend against difficult enemy attack moves.

Keeping with the video theme, SEGA also exhibited its other high income generating games such as Daytona Championship USA. With its cutting-edge cabinet design, superior game handling, panoramic attract sequence, and instant re-match feature; Daytona continues to feature the top of operator’s buying list. Having tested exceptionally well in two USA test locations Target Bravo: Operation Ghost is a high-octane action adventure game with many tactical missions for players to complete. Featured in a 55” atmospheric theatre cabinet and free movement controller this game delivers quality game-play. For operators short on space Target Bravo is also available in an upright cabinet. Well established video games Luigi’s Mansion Arcade, Let’s Go Island Dream Edition were also on stand.

Leading the way with unique redemption games that players love, SEGA presented Pirate Falls, a brand-new pirate-themed redemption game. Using the unique barrel controller, that rolls left to right; players must keep the pirate balanced to collect treasures that fall down the waterfall and think quickly to avoid bombs. Players can win the super ticket bonus by collecting the letters to spell “Pirates”.

Another new mechanical redemption game on stand was Maze Escape. In this game players have to balance, juggle and manoeuvre a ball through the maze by rotating the super-sized wheel to land the ball in the bonus zone. Players can also win other ticket values when they get the ball through one of six other win zones.

The SEGA sales team would like to thank all guests that visited Sega’s stand at Amusements Expo.

TRANSFORMERS Shadows Rising will be shipping in May, all other games are available now. To order contact Sega on +44 (0)208 391 8090; +1 (847) 364-9787;, or contact your local Authorized Sega Distributor.


® 2017 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

® 2017 Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

® 2017 SEGA. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

DAYTONA® is a registered trademark of the International Speedway, Inc. and licensed to International Speedway Corporation.



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Takara Tomy Power Of The Primes Figuren

TF-Generations Hier haben wir die Bilder zu den folgenden Takara Tomy Power Of The Primes Figuren:

PP-20 Quintus Prime mit Bludgeon Decoy Armor
PP-21 Rippersnapper
PP-22 Cutthroat
PP-23 Blot
PP-24 Sinnertwin
PP-25 Hung-Gurrr
PP-26 Elita-1
PP-27 Optimal Optimus

Takara-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_PP-20 Takara-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_PP-21 Takara-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_PP-22 Takara-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_PP-23 Takara-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_PP-24 Takara-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_PP-25 Takara-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_PP-26 Takara-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_PP-27


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Transformers G1 Offizieller Soundtrack Vinyl

TF-Generation 1 Jetzt können wir euch einen ersten Promo Clip von dem Kommenden Transformers G1 Offizieller Soundtrack auf Vinyl zeigen.

Quelle: Enjoy The Toons!

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Generation Toys GT-11 Red Bull (Beast Sideswipe)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von der 3rd Party Firma Generation Toys kommt jetzt der GT-11 Red Bull. Er ist eine Hommage an G1 Sideswipe, allerdings hat er einen Beast Mode, der einem Stier nachempfunden ist.

Generation-_Toys-_GT-11-_Red-_Bull-01 Generation-_Toys-_GT-11-_Red-_Bull-02 Generation-_Toys-_GT-11-_Red-_Bull-03 Generation-_Toys-_GT-11-_Red-_Bull-04 Generation-_Toys-_GT-11-_Red-_Bull-05 Generation-_Toys-_GT-11-_Red-_Bull-06 Generation-_Toys-_GT-11-_Red-_Bull-07 Generation-_Toys-_GT-11-_Red-_Bull-08 Generation-_Toys-_GT-11-_Red-_Bull-09 Generation-_Toys-_GT-11-_Red-_Bull-10 Generation-_Toys-_GT-11-_Red-_Bull-12 Generation-_Toys-_GT-11-_Red-_Bull-13

In dieser reihe gibt es schon den GT-10 T-Beast Ape (Optimus Primal).

Generation-_Toys-_GT-10-_Optimus-_Primal-01 Generation-_Toys-_GT-10-_Optimus-_Primal-02 Generation-_Toys-_GT-10-_Optimus-_Primal-03 Generation-_Toys-_GT-10-_Optimus-_Primal-04 Generation-_Toys-_GT-10-_Optimus-_Primal-05 Generation-_Toys-_GT-10-_Optimus-_Primal-06 Generation-_Toys-_GT-10-_Optimus-_Primal-07 Generation-_Toys-_GT-10-_Optimus-_Primal-08 Generation-_Toys-_GT-10-_Optimus-_Primal-09

Und es soll noch einen Geben, der dann GT-12 Rodimus (Tiger) ist.


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Power of The Primes Volcanicus

TF-Generations So wie es aussieht bekommen wir in der Transformers Power of The Primes Reihe ein Set, indem sich Volcanicus befindet. Dieser Combiner stellt sich aus den Dinobots Grimlock, Slug, Snarl, Sludge und Swoop zusammen. In dem Set soll dann auch ein Legends Slash sein. Das geplante Erscheinungsdatum soll schon nächsten Monat sein.



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Cyber Battalion Shockwave und Sideswipe

TF-Generations Jetzt können wir euch die Verpackungsbilder der transformers Cyber Battalion Figuren Shockwave und Sideswipe zeigen.

Cyber-_Battalion-2018-_Shockwave-and-_Sideswipe-001 Cyber-_Battalion-2018-_Shockwave-and-_Sideswipe-002 Cyber-_Battalion-2018-_Shockwave-and-_Sideswipe-003 Cyber-_Battalion-2018-_Shockwave-and-_Sideswipe-004 Cyber-_Battalion-2018-_Shockwave-and-_Sideswipe-005 Cyberbatallion-_Shockwave-_In-_Hand


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Power Of The Primes Voyager Inferno & Legends Cindersaur und Outback

TF-Generations Hier haben wir die offiziellen Bilder und die Verpackungsbilder zu den Transformers Power Of The Primes Figuren Voyager Inferno und Legends Cindersaur und Outback.

01-_POTP-_Inferno-_Packaging-photos 01-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_Inferno 02-_POTP-_Inferno-_Packaging-photos 02-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_Outback 03-_POTP-_Cindersaur-_And-_Outback-_Packaging-photos 03-_Power-_Of-_The-_Primes-_Cindersaur 04-_POTP-_Cindersaur-_And-_Outback-_Packaging-photos 05-_Power-_Of-_The-_Prime-_Wave-3

Quelle: Transformers

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C.O.N.S. X - 2. September 2018

C.O.N.S. C.O.N.S. X ! Yeah das Jubiläum !
Das 10 jährige Jubiläum der Deutschen Transformers Fan Convention findet am 2. September 2018 statt.
Die C.O.N.S. X öffnet ihre Tore um genau 11:00 Uhr und dann starten wir voll durch und wer dabei sein möchte, im Kolpinghaus/Josefshaus in Viersen-Süchteln am Ostring 33, der kann schon jetzt seine Tickets vorbestellen. Auf unserer Homepage findet ihr alle neuen Daten und auch die Ticket Hotline. Oder ihr klickt einfach hier. Dies gilt auch für die Standplatz Vergabe. Einfach auf der Homepage schauen.
In den nächsten Wochen werden hier alle Einzelheiten veröffentlicht und Neuigkeiten gibt es auch jede Menge. Also schaut ab und zu mal rein, um immer auf dem Neusten zu sein.


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